You're here for a reason.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone feels the inner need to get better. This is an important stage that is not easy to start. So here's where you can let go of your sins to the Flying Macaroni Monster and become the kind of person you can be proud of


Why the macaroni monster is ready to forgive you

01 / Well, first of all

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has no rules or laws. It would be conceited to assume that you created something perfect and flawless, so he doesn't expect the same from people

02 / Secondly

It's easy to say that we are for all that is good and against all that is bad. But can you think of something better? The world is not divided into black and white, but it is possible to try to untangle this tangle of spaghetti to find that very good. Really, we should not forget that it is this seemingly disorganized carbohydrate chaos that is life

03 / And most importantly.

Forgiveness deserves someone who has forgiven himself or herself and is willing to become a better person. We cannot undo what we have done in the past, but today's decision to be better/gentler/gentler will change the rest of our lives

We encourage your critical thinking and judgment. While you're deciding, read about the values of Pastafarianism

"You had better not justify in My name the oppression, enslavement, shushing or economic exploitation of others, and, you know, generally abominable attitudes toward those around you. I demand no sacrifice, purity is mandatory for drinking water, not for people."

2 seasoning «I Wish You Hadn't Really Done It," given to Moses the prophet

"You had better not allow yourself to act in a way that is unacceptable to yourself or your willing and sincere partner (of acceptable age and mental maturity). To all those who disagree, I suggest you go to the woods, unless they find it offensive. In that case, they can turn off the TV and go for a walk for a change."

4 seasoning "I Wish You Hadn't Really Done It," given to Moses the prophet

"I wish you wouldn't tell everyone around you how I talked to you. You're not that interesting to everyone. Stop thinking only of yourself. And remember that I asked you to love your neighbor, don't you get it?"

7 seasoning "I Wish You Hadn't Really Done It," given to Moses the prophet

What did I just read?
The Pasta Monster forgives you for everything it can.
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* We don't use personal information, but you can read the policy here.

** We do not take responsibility for your life. Being absolved of your sins does not absolve you of administrative and criminal responsibility. If you deliberately cause evil and pain, you are a sick bastard.

Pasta Monster

Have a good day and don't be a jerk